© John Mann, left; Fifteen Strange Seconds © Jon Horvath, right

I was struck recently by lovely work by photographers Jon Horvath and John Mann and the possible pathways between their work. Jon, who lives, teaches and makes pictures in Milwaukee, had new work in a recent faculty show at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. In Passages, he uses the literary work of Jack Kerouac to lead him on GPS-assisted rambles, using the highway naming system to spell out phrases as he goes. The resulting images (his literal paths) are graphic in their presentation and reminded me of political gerrymandering maps.

And I recently received John Mann's terrific book Thinner Air in the mail. The limited edition book poetically depicts the creation and flight of a small handmade airplane. The images are delicate and buoyant.

Where are you headed?

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sonja thomsen said...

great pairing Kevin. I was really moved by John Mann's new book as well. The sequence and design use a lovely sense of minimalism to transport the reader.