union thugs?

During recent visits to the state capital in Madison, Wisconsin, the recurring human chant (and drum beat and car horn-honking) was, "This is what Democracy looks like." It's been the powerful soundtrack to the mobilization of so many concerned Wisconsinites. I've created a video slideshow of portraits from two shoots, conducted on a sidewalk near the state capital building - my take on what Democracy looked like, in faces, signs, hard helmets and buttons.

Thanks to Michelle Nolan and my sister, Cheryl, who spotted and chased down subjects, and to Joe Dapier for generously offering the use of his song for the video.

Click the image above, or here, to view.


Rebecca Horne said...

Super good stuff, Kevin!

justjenkos said...

Very well done...a great view of the wonderful people that were down in Madison. Thank you!!!!

scott ritenour said...

Awesome stuff, Kevin! Love all the details!

Anonymous said...

Great art. Solidarity!