Perimeter: day eight

Marilyn, Kay and LeeAnn © kjm

I began the morning in Harbor Springs, photographing Kay Piper (center), along with her daughters and granddaughter. She's a St. Louisan whose great grandmother bought the family cottage in 1907. Kay told me about traveling up from St. Louis on the train when she as young, and how she's only missed one summer in her 87 years. A bit later at the beach, I photographed Marilyn Early (left), a world-ranked Masters swimmer who has her hand in all things aquatic in Harbor Springs. After an amazing drive from Harbor Springs to Mackinaw City, I ended the day by shooting actors like LeeAnn Ewer (right), who work in period costumes at Colonial Michilimackinac, a re-creation of the 18th century fort which once stood on the banks of the lake.


Brian Harkin said...

These are beautiful. I'm enjoying the series.

Kevin J. Miyazaki said...

Thanks so much for following along, Brian!