Perimeter: water

dashboard in Muskegon © kjm

Rain today, all day and wet. What a welcome surprise after the past few weeks. But it meant I couldn't set up my studio outside, due to lack of both cover and people outside. Instead, I worked harder at following the coastline and it took me all day to get from New Buffalo to Ludington. When I'm traveling for a magazine assignment, I'm often heading for a particular destination, which allows for little time to seriously wander. On this trip, any small stretch of lane next to Lake Michigan is fair game, found with my trusty gazetteer and even trustier iPhone.

Just before departing Milwaukee I gathered a jar (which previously held family friend Ruthie's blueberry-ruhbarb jam) of Lake Michigan water from Bradford Beach to bring with me. Inspired by the custom of the water walk that I've recently become aware of, mine is a much smaller and less arduous gesture. But I'm happy to have it along, and when I get back to Milwaukee, I think I'll put it back in it's rightful place.

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