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I just returned from an eight-day trip to Michigan, photographing for a new client, Michigan Travel Ideas. It's the state's tourism magazine, and I was shooting a story on wineries, which took me to some fantastic places I hadn't been to before. After a frustrating end to June, in which I waited (and waited) to hear about a big ad job that never materialized, July turned out to be a great month for me. The phone kept ringing, and I shot for other new clients like Food & Wine, Sunset, Success, and Smart Money.

The vitals on the recently found photo, above, circa 1980:
Equipment: Nikomat (Japanese version), 50mm 1.4 non-AI lens
Location: Likely a Great Lake
Hair: Extremely feathered
Camera Holding Form: Not bad
Glasses: Thick
Compositional Choice: Probably should've been a horizontal
Camera Strap Material: Extremely denim


susana raab said...

nice to see you were composing verticals - even back in the day. i smell a miyazaki trademark dyptich in the making!

Anonymous said...

I think you were capturing a snap of Babbo and family, holding court at the Jesse James hotel. See Brad Lowry for more details.

Edwin said...

i totally agree with your travel sense. good job!