(lens)cap and gown

© Chris Kessler

This week, Chris Kessler, who has been a great intern and assistant, joins the ranks of us college graduate/bottom tax bracket dweller/freelance photographer types. Chris is graduating from MIAD, and during this past year, made a terrific body of photographs, like the one above (which I'm lucky enough to make a trade for). He's interning at the Harley-Davidson studio here in Milwaukee, and learning lots about real studio lighting (as opposed to what I do). I used to joke that there were too many photographers in the world, but we're lucky to have fresh ones like Chris.

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John Loomis said...

The blog is alive and well, Kevin! Congrats to Chris, but it really can be a kick in the balls losing a great assistant (especially when they've become a good friend). One of my best go-to guys had the audacity to leave for grad school last year and I was like WTF! ;)