my so called collection, #2

© Michael Wilson

I used to live near a tiny little cafe in Cincinnati called Myra's Dionysus. It holds fond memories for me, partly because I started going there at an exciting time - I was starting my first real job in a fresh new city. But mostly, the food was delicious and cheap, and the place was filled with a good spirit. There were lots of nights with wine and great vegetarian fare, and Myra running to and from the tiny kitchen in the back.

It was at Myra's that I first saw the work of the photographer Michael Wilson, and this sweet gem of a picture. I got to know Michael after I bought this picture, and I have a great respect for him and his work. He photographs musicians for record labels, but he doesn't fit the stereotype of a rock star photographer. He once invited me to a shoot, and it was clearly his lack of bravado and low tech charm that won over the band.

I haven't seen Michael in years, unfortunately. I once asked him if we could trade portraits - each making a picture of the other. He liked the idea, so maybe it's time to give him a call.

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avs said...

Michael is my #1 hero. Nice post!