my so called collection, #1

© Renee Staeck

A second chance on art.

On Friday I purchased these two lovely, tiny drawings by the artist Renee Staeck. Renee was a student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art + Design (MIAD) a few years ago, when I saw her drawings in the annual senior thesis show. They're made with graphite on coffee-stained paper. I had intended to buy one at the time, and I think I emailed Renee about it. But I never followed up.

Jump ahead three years, and Renee, who had moved to Louisiana, was showing old and new work at Barrow & Juarez. I happened by on gallery night, and was so happy to see the work again.

These two drawings are from that earlier school work, and I particularly love the industrial subject matter. It captures the industrial landscape that is Milwaukee, and which is quickly disappearing in the wave of condo development...

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