i love this photo, #5

©kristine larsen

I love this photo by the photographer Kristine Larsen. I just recently saw Kristine's website for the first time, but I'm quite sure I've seen her work in magazines. Her website is filled with interesting images in several categories. There's a great group of 'mall portraits,' and a set of photos from lower Manhattan, titled 'before and after.'

This photo, which I find cinematic and a pleasingly mysterious, is in a group called 'illustrations'. Kristine explains that she doesn't use the computer for her illustrations, and the photo took three separate shoots to get just right. She learned a lot about bubble-making fluid technology in the process. It was shot for a business magazine, but unfortunately never ran.

To me, the scene looks like a suburban 4th of July block party, in which all the participants have suddenly disappeared...

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