old milwaukee, #1 (a beginning)


Here's the beginning of occasional entries which will feature tiny little vignettes of my hometown, Milwaukee. In the last few years, change seems to be happening quite rapidly here, with lots of new restaurants and boutiques, condos everywhere downtown, and of course, a snazzyish new museum. But in general, the good and bad things change rather slowly here.

In one way, at least, I appreciate that slowness. In today's HomeDepotStarbucksChilisEinsteinsPaneraTargetBestBuy landscape, Milwaukee still has plenty of dusty charm, and little bits of character are not hard to find. So stay tuned. Today's first installment: The rooftop of a closed-down tire shop on West North Avenue.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss home. Bring it my friend--I'll celebrate it with you every frame.