as seen: rear window


I have a backyard that I haven't stepped foot into all summer. Well, it's not really a backyard, by American standards. For one thing, it's in back of a warehouse building. And there's no lawn - just overgrown grasses and weeds, a few geriatric flowers, and a pop-up camper from 1970. The camper, which really has some cool potential, was bought two years ago, with hopes for a rehab job. It had some use initially (nice place to sleep + wifi-ready cabana/office), but not much since. I suppose I should be happy that I've been working too much to get at it.

Anyway, here are two good reasons (neighbors may disagree) to maintain such a crazy backyard. 1) It's natural greenspace (better known as the Al Gore Argument). And 2) The weeds are so tall that this (above) is the lovely view out my back window at dusk (the It Makes A Nice Picture Argument).

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