camp home: meetings

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Two pictures made yesterday: Wendell and Lela Mae's parents (both sets), left, and a rake in Marty's storage shed, right.

I'm meeting some really terrific people this week, and my depth of knowledge of the area and people's experiences here is growing. I've heard lots of stories about the early homesteading years, and about converting the camp barracks buildings into houses where children were raised or important equipment was stored. I continue to be impressed that a strange knock on the door can lead to hours of conversation, shared meals, and the retelling of family histories.


Francois said...

Just received your book and print today. Beautiful work & thank you for making it available to us.

Ryan said...

Gorgeous, and a beautful pairing.

Kevin said...

Francois: so glad you liked the booklet and print - thanks so much for taking an interest in my work.

Ryan: thank you! i really love old family photos, and these were displayed in such a lovely, quiet setting.