camp home: stopping and talking

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I pulled the car over yesterday to talk with Herman, who was in his nineties, and was filling the gas tank of his atv. It turns out his house wasn't an internment camp building, but we chatted a bit, and he suggested I see his neighbors a bit farther down the road. John and Aline were really friendly and there was a lot to see, including three outbuildings and their their home (details above), all former internment camp buildings. Further down the road, I stopped to see David and Jacqui, who both grew up on homestead farms, and who now run an organic horseradish company. Jacqui has produced a video about the homesteaders, and both were a great source for local information. My last stop was to photograph Jacqui's childhood home, where I had a nice, long visit with her mother, Helen.

Today: more stops, more talks, more pictures. I'm having a ball.

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Allison V. Smith said...

I'm really enjoying these, thanks.....