Kauffman Avenue Location (left), Xenia Avenue Location, #1 (right) © kjm

I'm thrilled to announce that two photos from my Fast Food series will be released tomorrow as 20x200 editions. I'm not allowed to say which pictures they are (not either of the two new ones above), but they're definitely two of my favorites.

I've been a fan of 20x200 for a while now (from the collecting side of things) and have bought work by Kelly Shimoda, Bert Teunissen, Carrie Marill, The Starn Twins, Don Hamerman, and Brian Ulrich. I missed Andrew Hetherington's picture, because I made the mistake of blinking, and poof!, it was gone. If you don't already know, you can sign up for their email list, which gives you notification a few hours early. If not, visit the site at 2pm Eastern time tomorrow!


Ashley O'Dell said...

As a silent stalker of your work, I was so excited to see this! I just bought a piece and I can't wait to receive it.

Anonymous said...

Found you through 20x200 -- love your work, really do. It's too bad that you didn't sell more prints on 20x200. I think that they simply selected the wrong images from your body of photographs; I'm betting that the McD logo put some people off and the other was just too, well, empty. 20x200 fans certainly opened their wallets for today's beach scene. Don't be discouraged, your photographic insights connect with many of us.

Kevin said...

Thanks for reading the blog - I remember your fairy tale pictures from MIAD a few years back. Hope all's well with you!

Thanks for the kind words. Slow but sure is fine with me - I was just really pleased to have been asked by Jen to be part of 20x200. But hey, didn't my Mom promise to buy 100 of each...?