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desktop © kjm

My dad used to bring home unwanted furniture - wooden chairs and metal desks - from his office when we were kids. I didn't think much of it then, but they were 50's and 60's era pieces, so I came to appreciate their design. One chair even has "save for Jim" still scrawled on the bottom. As a result, I currently sit at the same desk I didn't study at 25 years ago: a green, metal Globe-Wernicke. I have an appreciation for objects (maybe especially a desk) that have had different homes and owners in their lifetimes.

This weekend, I did some deep cleaning, removing mountains of papers from it's surfaces. I'm not sure what the material of the desktop actually is, but it's hard to clean and has a memory to it's soft surface. This is just one particularly ugly and beautiful corner.

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]

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DonW said...

I love the "at the same desk I didn't study at" comment. Reminds me of my own study habits as a kid.

I do like those old, metal institutional desks. Funny timing on your post as the following link just popped up in my newsreader.


Click thru on their links and look at some of the prices for their desks. Your's should be priceless given the fact that it's been in your family so long.