nyph09: plus

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A little face time with the Redux folks, both in the office and at NYPH. The American Youth book is so gorgeous, and I'm sad that I missed the launch party. But it was great meeting some of the agency photographers for the first time, if for only briefly: Eros Hoagland, Darcy Padilla, Gina LeVay, Brad Swonetz, Michael Rubenstein, Andy Cutraro and Ben Baker.

Pages: I had my first visit to Dashwood Books, escaping alive and with just one small Jeff Brouws book - but also with some things for the wish list, including Jason Schmidt's Artists and What Still Remains by Jennifer Backhaus.

Old & new friends: It was great to spend time with Phaedra Singelis (of msnbc) and Craig Ruttle, both of whom I've known since our greenest days of newspaper work. Andrew Hetherington was ever-present at the festival and shared some face/beer time. After having a great conversation about art education with Ber Murphy on Saturday night, I was able to see some beautiful prints from his Sleeping Giant/11101 Rezoned project at FXFOWLE. Got to know fellow Midwesterner Greg Ruffing and his girlfriend Jenny - both charming, and who will soon be coming to Milwaukee on vacation (those last 5 words are rarely used in that particular order, so I'm excited). Met up with Doug Adesko too briefly, but with a promise for a rain check.

Say cheese: And lastly, just before heading to the airport, I took Jonathan Saunders up on an invitation to sit (well, stand) for a portrait at 1RN, his photo booth/living space/office/ship's galley that I'd heard so much about. I wasn't disappointed.

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