nyph09: pictures

© Tim Hetherington, Elaine Duigenan, Kevin Newark

Some highlights from this weekend at NYPH09:

Words: I love Corey Arnold's work, so it was nice to see prints in person at Caption Gallery. But the writing in his wall text was what made the show, for me. Some tidbits: There's an octopus wrapped around the toilet. Crabs for breakfast, crabs for lunch. Sleep. "You've got a piece of gut, or maybe a gill in your eyebrow." Coast Guard instructions on the radio: Place the fingers in a ziploc bag and put them on ice immediately.

Details: Kevin Newark's plastic bags in William A. Ewing's All Over The Place! exhibit, and Elaine Duigenan's hairnets at Klompching.

Presentations: A great talk by Tim Hetherington, the highlights of which were a fascinating/disturbing video of American soldiers, and then photographs of some of the same subjects sleeping in their bunks. A multimedia display of Alessandra Sanguinetti's project, The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams.

Surprise: Lorraine Grupe's personal snapshots from WWII - a thoughtful inclusion in Jon Levy's exhibit, Home For Good.

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