to do: addendum

7a. Find out flight is delayed until 3:50pm. Call Redux about an assignment and find out the book launch party is actually Friday night, not Saturday night. Kick self in head for somehow having the wrong night in mind for several weeks, despite repeated chances to discover mistake. Realize that I'll miss the book launch now
9a. Read Roberta Smith's review of the Avedon show at ICP. Coffee replaces ginger ale
12a. Cab replaces shuttle - it's a gorgeous Friday and most people are heading out of town. 25 minute ride in
14a. Kinda snappy - really
16a. Sneak into awards ceremony, already in progress, and sit right next to Lauren Greenfield(!)
18a. As expected, but I would have remembered to thank the little people
19a. Free, watered down vodka tonics
20a. Check in while searching for late night food
21a. Like a baby

(Real time: 21 hours)

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