to do: today

1. Wake up, Albert Lea, Minnesota
2. Depart, 5:00am
3. Drive 5 hours to Milwaukee
4. Drop off assistant Michelle
5. Pay mortgage
6. Give mom's cat i.v. fluids
7. Drive to airport
8. Fly direct to LGA, 1;50pm
9. Peanuts & ginger ale
10. Arrive LGA, 4:59pm
11. Call Marilu, tell her I arrived safely
12. Shuttle to bus terminal, 42nd & 8th
13. Cab to Phaedra's, 57th & 10th
14. Change into slightly snappy outfit
15. Head to Dumbo
16. Attend NY Photo Festival awards party
17. Meet up with old and new friends
18. Call Marilu, tell her I didn't win an award
19. Drinks
20. Call Marilu, tell her I love her
21. Sleep, Hell's Kitchen, NYC

(Total estimated time: 19 hours)

I'll be heading to the festival sans laptop, and promise a report early next week!


susana said...

#18, You're a winner, just for getting nominated, congratulations.
#6 qualifies you for st. francis of assisi.

bon voyage! hope you sleep on the plane -

Tim Gruber said...

Nice post Kevin.

Good luck tonight!

Stella said...

Congratulations! Have a wonderful time in New York! Wish I was there to attend the NYPH09 festivities.