I'm thrilled to have a photo from Camp Home featured on Flak Photo today, part of a series of daily posts featuring photographers from the just-completed Review Santa Fe. The man behind the Flak curtain is Andy Adams, a new friend and fellow Wisconsinite, who's making all kinds of things happen online. Be sure to bookmark or add Flak to your reader, as there's new and interesting photography to see every day.


Elizabeth Fleming said...

Was very happy to see your image up there today! Congrats.

Annie Marie said...

hi Kevin, we are both photographers and both friends of Marika, I love your blog and just posted to Flak Photo, stay in touch ok?


Kevin said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!

And thanks for checking in on the blog, Annie. We met in passing in the Redux office a few weeks ago - and any friend of Marika Cain is a friend of mine :)