food group

© kjm, left, Susana Raab, right

The first time I chatted with Susana Raab was in an email hello, raising of the idea that we show our fast food images together somewhere. We brainstormed a bit and nothing resulted, but we became email pals. While at Review Santa Fe, Crista Dix from wall space had the same exact idea, so I think we really were on to something (any curators listening?).

I'm happy to report that both of our work is included in The Un-Natural Nature of Food, a group show curated by Melanie McWhorter at Fraction Magazine. There are 30 photographers in the show, including Paho Mann, Brian Ulrich, Melissa Kaseman, Jon Feinstein, Mark Menjivar, and Erika Larsen.


Susana said...

Nice one Kevin, you'll get us a monograph yet! So looking forward to my FIRST trip to Milwaukee!

Kevin said...

When does the show open at Dean Jensen? I'm traveling a lot in July, but hope I'll be here!