within reach: initial

red m on the bathroom window © kjm

A word about Within Reach and light.

Two of the earliest pictures in the series were shot with the help of a strobe/modeling light, but at some point I decided that the light should be natural within the space. Sometimes that means placing objects in better light within my house - in front of one of the frosted glass windows or under the big, soft kitchen light at night.

But ideally the object/light is shot as is. This red M, which was part of the small group of items I saved from the previous owners of the building, sits on the bathroom window. It's a bit hard to explain, but it's an interior window, so the light hitting it is from coming through the larger front window, which I often photograph. I've shot the M several times before, but the light was never so dramatic.

[within reach is a series of photographs examining the environment of home in detail]

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