i love this photo, #30

© stella kalaw

I love this photo by the photographer Stella Kalaw. I'm a huge fan of Stella's series Family Spaces, and envy her ability to make pictures that are both intimate in subject, and yet graphic and pristinely composed. The photo above is from her blog, where she's been posting photos in a series called Wandering. About the series and photo, she says,

"Wandering is a collection of photographs from my occasional observations of everyday life. It is a means for me to reconnect to what drew me to the medium in the first place. And that's really all it is: my repeated attempts at recapturing that feeling which energizes me to continue taking pictures.

One day, I had an hour to spare before going to work. I wandered around Union Square and I was drawn to the morning light falling between the buildings. I saw this shop window and composed the image. I was about to click the shutter when a stranger entered the frame. It just happened serendipitously. It was after I took the photograph that I noticed the details from that encounter: the lady twirling her hair and the mannequin on the right that mimicked her hairstyle."

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cornel said...

me too, I love this photo !
it's interesting and nice !

Elizabeth Fleming said...

I love Stella's work--I'd like to see her get the following she deserves. Hopefully your post will bring some more traffic her way!

Stella said...

Thank you all for the support! It means a lot--