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Today is the eighth anniversary of my first date with Marilu. It was a ridiculously hot summer night in Milwaukee, and we sat much too close to the restaurant's open kitchen, which made it even warmer. But we shared a long night of conversation and white wine, and while a lot of the details are a bit fuzzy (we both have terrible memories), I do remember drawing a horribly rendered picture of my cat on a cocktail napkin. Anyway, the result was: I got the girl, and the girl got the boy.

We have a somewhat unconventional relationship, what with living apart and traveling so much. But not a day goes by that I'm not thrilled to be partnered with such a smart, funny, independent and caring person. Happy anniversary, sweet pea.

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troyfreund said...

Beautiful anecdote, Kevin. Thought I don't know Marilu, I can only imagine what a unique, dynamic couple the two of you must make. Congratulations, Kevin. My best wishes to the two of you!