Jimena © kjm

I've been really swamped lately. In this economy, I'm incredibly grateful that my phone continues to ring, but I've been feeling overwhelmed, worried about my preparation for an upcoming class I'll be teaching this Fall, and feeling like I'll never be caught up. I haven't been very pleasant, but thankfully, Marilu has been patient with all my stressful whining.

On a day home between trips to Michigan and Missouri, I had my second shoot at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee for Flashes of Hope. The project, which coordinates photo shoots of kids with terminal illness, recently got some great and just exposure on A Photo Editor. If you're so inclined, please seek out your local chapter of the group - you won't be sorry. In short, it's a day full of kids and families, big-hearted volunteers from the hospital and community, giant smiles and proud posing.

And very little complaining. It's nice when things are put so clearly into perspective.

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