the kitchen table © kjm

This Thanksgiving, the Miyazaki-Lund-Hoff-Knode family will go modern: we're having a small plate dinner today. Mostly, it's to accommodate the late arrival of family members, but I kind of like the idea of skipping the big sit-down. Of course, small plates can be filled often... Here's what will be on the table above, today:

Turkey (small, store bought)
Shrimp Tempura
Salmon (cooked in parchment)
Inari Sushi (Hawaiian style)
White Rice (Japanese)
Wisconsin Cheese Plate
Green Bean Salad

Flaky Feta Tart
Marilu Salad
Brussels Spouts With Figs
Mrs. Mukai's Manju
Cranberry Pie
Pumpkin Pie

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