I've been thinking about this idea/concept for a while, and now it's a reality. Today, collect.give is launched. collect.give is a place to collect photography online, while donating to good causes at the same time.

I'm so enamored by the online photography community: the vast pool of visual treats, the power of reach, the discovery of new photographers on a daily basis. It's also still so new, and the idea that new projects can add to the community landscape is exciting to me.

And of course, technology makes this possible: a website built in a few days, digital printing techniques, PayPal, blog and Twitter posts spreading the news.

New work will be added to the site (sign up for the email list!), but the photographers featured at the launch are among my favorite photo world friends: John Loomis, Susana Raab, Dalton Rooney, Emily Shur and Allison V. Smith.

Please take a look, and purchase a print if you feel so inclined!

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John Loomis said...

Congrats Kevin and thanks for thinking of me... I'm glad this idea has become a reality.

Albest, -jdl