i love this photo, #35

© Alexi Hobbs

I love this photo by the photographer Alexi Hobbs. Alexi is a full-time graphic designer and part-time photography major who lives in Montreal. Check out his blog, The Contact Sheet, where he often skillfully pairs photographs with music.

"This photo is part of Maritime Currents, a semi-diaristic series I made in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, two of Canada's Maritime provinces. It is an attempt to juxtapose the kitschy touristic experience, that we all go through when we visit the typical sites found on any tour-bus vacationist's itinerary, with my own personal explorations and more private moments. This particular photo shows the quintessential seafood platter one can purchase, and then enjoy, in most of the little take-outs that are found in practically all of the little towns."

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Alexi said...

Thanks Kevin!

Brian Scott Zbichorski said...

Great shot Alexi, love the color palette! I would love to see this as a diptych next to Stephen Shore's mcdonalds fry picture, the colors together would explode!

Ps, Thanks Kevin for the Polaroid 669, I got it from Lindsay awhile ago..it's been put to good use! I owe you one now : )