Perimeter: Milwaukee to Chicago

(At Montrose Beach, Chicago) © kjm

I started my Perimeter trip yesterday by standing on Bradford Beach in Milwaukee. If all goes well, I'll be back in the same spot in two weeks. Besides making the portraits, I'm photographing Lake Michigan from many vantage points throughout the trip, creating a visual timeline of my journey. So part of my goal is to to find and follow the lake as much as possible by car, avoiding the interstate and sticking to the small roads. I like the idea of physically considering what access to the water is like in different places. I made a lot of left turns yesterday.

After working my way slowly down the Wisconsin and northern Illinois coastline, I ended the day at Montrose Beach in Chicago. It was still sweltering at 6pm, so there were plenty of people at the beach and in the park. The day ended with great conversation and cold beer with photographer Greg Ruffing and his partner Jennie, who were kind to offer me their couch.

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