ely to delhi (1 stop)

ride to the hotel in delhi tonight © kjm

I arrived in India tonight to start a travel assignment, after just a day at home following the week-long canoe trip in Minnesota. The 15-hour flight from Newark wasn't as bad as I'd thought - and I realized that it's not necessary to pre-order a vegetarian meal on a flight to India. But because I was able to sleep so much on the plane, I'm awake and it's after midnight here. I leave early tomorrow morning for the city of Jaipur.

Two great meditations on the topic of jetlag: the movie Lost In Translation, most specifically the scene where Bill Murray arrives in Tokyo and peers out the car window; and a wonderful essay by Pico Iyer titled, Nightwalking, from his book Sun After Dark.


g said...

I love jetlag (but it's better if you don't have to work).

TammyPatrice said...

I was in Jaipur in 2002. It is an amazing walled city. It is called the pink city , I believe. What a fabulous job you have to be shooting in India. Please keep us posted on such a wonderful adventure. Best of luck